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Plan for e-commerce success

Stay ahead with insight from our e-ecommerce trends report. we'll guide you through peak season and consumer trends research that will help you plan a smart e-ecommerce strategy.


Prepare your inventory for peak season

Be ready and be nimbe for peak season with these inventory management insights from passionate small business owners and XLodistics Small Business Grant Contest Winners.


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Create a free account and enjoy discount on shipping, easy access to saved delivery addresses, quick payments using stored profile setting and more.
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Tips and tools to help you keep up and get ahead

Save on shipping

Create a free account and enjoy discount on shipping, easy access to saved deivery addresses, quick payments using stored profile setting and more.

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Take control of your home deliveries

Sign up for XLogistics Delivery Manager® to place holds, give delivery instructions, sign remotely, and more. Stay informed with tracking alerts and notifications

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Pause deliveries while you travel

Got big vacation plans as the weather warms? with XLogistics Delivery Manager®, you can easily schedule a temporary hod of deliveries for up to 14 days while away.

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Analyze your power

With XLogistics® Reporting Online, you can access powerful tools to help you analyze data so you can make more strategic business decisions.

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Give them a great start at school

Get to know our shipping tools and tips before sending a college care package to a dorm or residence hall. We’ll help you get your student what they need, when they need it.

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Stay ahead of peak season with these e-commerce resources

Make e-commerce easier

Visit our E-Commerce Center to get the resources you need to ship orders online and help surpass customer expectations—all while growing your business.

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Deliver, grow, and thrive

XLogistics® International Connect Plus offers reliable and affordable delivery to global e-commerce markets in 2–5 days so you can reach your customers at the speed they expect.

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